A Pen for Left Handed Writers That the Ink Does Not Smear or Smudge or Blur

A close relative, well actually 4 close relatives!, is left  handed. Like millions of left-handed students, he has had problems with writing using a ballpoint or felt tip pen because the ink smears, smudges or blurs, until he found and started using this pen.

What Pens Did Not Work for This Left Handed Student?

Although recommended on various websites, he didn’t have any luck with the Pentel EnerGelX 0.7 mm retractable liquid gel ink metal tip roller pens. We were hopeful when he ordered his first ones from Amazon but the ink, though fast drying, still smeared.

What Pen Works With No Smudging, Smearing or Blurring Even for a Left Handed Writer?

The pen that he finally found that is working even when he writes using his left hand is the Zebra Sarasa. The pack says it is an Evolutionary Rapid Dry Ink Gel Ink 0.5 mm fine point pen.

He got the first pack from Staples which only stocked blue ink in the 0.5 mm tip size. (There were 0.7 mm versions available in Red, Black and Blue but he prefers a finer tip.)

His teachers approve of his smear and smudge –free assignments. And he is pleased to not get ink on his hands.

I’m glad he finally found a pen that works. Writing in pencil is too slow and looks unprofessional.

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Are you left-handed? Do you have a favourite brand of pen that allows you to write the same as a right-handed person with no worries about smudges, smears, blots or blurs? Please share your experience with a comment.